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There are a huge range of subjects which fall under the Life Sciences section like as plant studies, Microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, biotechnology and genomics. Some of the jobs that a Life Scientist will be involved with range from showing findings and work, taking part in field work, coming up with innovative ideas for experiments and distributing the results across the Scientific field.


Biostatistics in a role that is build up of two disciplines. It can be explained as the application of statistics to a range of Biology topics. This role also includes devising experiments, taking out research and offering an in – depth analysis of all results. By taking out this essential research, a biostatistician can make a different to public health and health care.

They can work in various areas, like as universities, health organizations, private firms, government agencies. In order to become a biostatistician, you must have a huge amount of qualification and training in science, maths and statistics. Most staffs will need a masters degree or a PhD.

Some of the personal requirement needed to be successful in this role are things are being very innovative and intelligent, good at working under pressure, ability to work, good speaking skills as part of a team.

Clinical Programming

A clinical programming is an excellent part of any clinical research department. They work with the research team analyse and organize data and manage database. Some of the requirements and qualities needed for this role include having an in-depth knowledge of computers, the ability to work on the code and a degree in a related science.

It takes four years to complete the course in most related subjects like as Pharmacology, Life Science, IT or Nursing. On top of this, to become a clinical programmer you must have around 2 years’ experience in pharmaceutical programming in the clinical research environment.

Clinical Data Management

The main job of CDM is to make sure that all details is complete and has been performed in an apt and consistent way. A CDM must process and makes sense of a very huge amount of data during the clinical trial data process. Some of the other tasks included in this job are things like approving case report forms, crafting a database for a study, data entry and offering data reports.

A CDM is an important part of the clinical team and they must interact effectively with clinicians, statisticians and medical writers. Any candidate wanting to pursue this role should make sure they have a strong interest in analysing data, excellent organizational skills and the drive to produce accurate and high-quality data.

Regulatory Affair

These professionals must be focused and be passionate about the efficacy and safety products in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They should also have an extensive knowledge of legal, scientific and business problems in order to take out their job properly. They need to ensure that products are made to legal and safety standards and guidelines.